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T Level Professional Development offer in conjunction with the Teacher Regional Improvement Project (TRIP)

All nine Greater Manchester Colleges, led by Trafford College Group, collaborated on a project to focus on practitioner development ahead of the roll out of the new T Levels qualification in Greater Manchester in September 2021.

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The emphasis was on readiness and support requirements at a teaching and learning level, as well as other considerations around the actual delivery of T Levels (e.g. industry placements). The project also wanted to identify what needed to be done to ensure the Colleges collectively were strategically ready through identifying issues and solutions that could be adopted across the GMColleges – and agreeing an approach to ensure the sustainability of the project through collaborative implementation of T Levels.

The willingness and enthusiasm for nine colleges to collaborate on a project of this kind cannot be understated and has set a platform for a future working relationship between the Greater Manchester Colleges at practitioner level that could be hugely beneficial for the students and communities of the city region.

The creation of the Project Steering Group has also provided a platform for curriculum senior managers across the Greater Manchester Colleges  to come together and commence collaboration around the implementation of T Levels. This should help ensure a more successful and consistent implementation for 2021, as well as establishing the basis for continued and improved partnership working across the colleges to the benefit of students and colleges alike.

As part of the follow up to this project, GMColleges has now joined the Greater Manchester Combined Authority’s T Level Implementation Steering Group and will be working closely with them to ensure an effective roll out of T Levels across Greater Manchester in September 2021.

Full details of the project can be found on this PDF.
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James Scott

Project Lead

James Scott

The Trafford College Group

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