What is the Local Skills Improvement Fund (LSIF)?

The Local Skills Improvement Fund (LSIF) is designed to enable further education providers across a geographic area to respond collectively to the priorities in the local skills improvement plans (LSIPs). GMColleges developed a response to the LSIP, focusing on three main cross-cutting issues including digitization, net zero and the green economy. GMColleges secured over £8.4m of investment from this fund and are delivering five key projects including, educational workforce, construction, health, digital and engineering and manufacturing.  


Why is it important for Greater Manchester?

Employers across the city region are in need of a highly skilled workforce with the right technical skills to grow and innovate. The LSIF funding will help to address the skills gap across Greater Manchester ensuring that everyone across the region has access to the training they need to grasp exciting opportunities and jobs in emerging sectors such as green skills.

How are GMColleges using the investment?

Capital investment is focusing on green technologies, Cisco bundles, anatomage tables and electric vehicles along with the creation of immersive learning environments. 

The project will see the colleges implement a collaborative approach to enhance the curriculum offer and open up new progression opportunities through the development of new courses, improve learner experience through AI and augmented reality and provide new technologies to teach. They will also develop software alongside teaching and learning resources to teach in the CAVEs, while upskilling the workforce and increasing employer contributions and partnerships. 


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