Privacy Policy

LTE Group act as the administrative lead for the GMColleges. LTE group will only collect, process and store information about you that we have collected from you with your consent. Personal data is not captured or stored through the LTE group website without your prior consent.

Any personal data that you supply to LTE group will be held and processed only for the purpose for which it is supplied, which you will be made aware of at the time the data is supplied. We ensure that all personal data is captured, held and processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation EU (GDPR), together with other UK data protection laws. Your personal data will not be made available to any third party, unless you have consented to this at the time the data is supplied to LTE group or this is so permitted by law.

When you provide personal data, you will be asked whether you wish to receive any further communication from LTE group.

LTE group maintain continuous logs of web server activity. Logs include information about your IP address, your browser type and the pages you have visited. We use this information to analyse the way people use our website.

The Freedom of Information Act

The Freedom of Information (FOI) Act came into effect on 1 January 2005 to give people the right to request information from organisations that receive public funds, such as local authorities, the Police Force, health services, schools and universities.

The legislation is intended to promote better public understanding of how these organisations carry out their duties, why they make the decisions they do, and how they spend tax-payers’ money.

LTE Group and the FOI Act – your rights and responsibilities

The LTE Group is committed to promoting a culture of openness and accountability and has a duty to help you understand your rights and responsibilities under the FOI legislation and to explain how you can exercise those rights and fulfil your responsibilities:

  • Everyone, both inside and outside the LTE Group, has a right of access to information held by the LTE Group.
  • The act covers all electronic and paper records and information held by the LTE Group, whether current or archived.
  • The LTE Group must provide the requested information within twenty working days.
  • There are certain exemptions that determine which information should not be released.

The Publication Scheme – accessing  information

Under the FOI Act 2000 public authorities must produce a Publication Scheme describing:

  • the information they will publish
  • the format in which the information will be published
  • whether or not the information is available free of charge

The Publication Scheme is available to download below, it is not an exhaustive list of information held by us. It does, however, describe the types of information that are routinely available and facilitates access to that information.