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GMCG Digital and Blended Learning Project

Funded by the DfE College Collaboration Fund this group wide project was developed in response to the immediate need to rapidly improve the quality of remote online and blended learning to enable students to continue learning, whatever the impact of the pandemic.  

Guided by a Steering Group, representative of all GMCG colleges, the project funded the appointment of designated Digital & Blended Learning Champions (DBLCs), in each college to develop and improve practice in their own college and share and disseminate this across the wider community of learning.  

Supported by Claire Collins the DBLCs developed their own communities of practice across their college, creating and collating resources for our toolkit of teacher resources through our GMC HQ online community site. 

The project also provided funding for further innovation projects and the facilitation of our GM Quality Forum, to consider and explore what good looks like in digital and blended learning.

To find out more about our project and to access our toolkit of resources go to

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Gill Scott

Group Quality Manager
The LTE Group

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